Friday, February 26, 2016

Happiness in one sentence.

I am free do to whatever my wish, without disturbing others. Enjoy happiness with us

Thursday, February 25, 2016

How common is it for ppl to realize that they might be unhappy in any traditional career pathway (and go funemployed) after attending CFAR workshops?

Firstly in your word is CFAR, than
When deciding whether to attend, I wasn’t very confident that these techniques would work or be helpful. This is mostly because they sound suspiciously similar to the a particular archetype, common in various Internet places, which I’ll call derpy self-improvement. Like many things, derpy self-improvement is perhaps best characterized.
If it is CAR workshop, than
It is a good decision, in a traditional work place you don't have any freedom of work. you can't make your work according to your ideas and intelligence. You have to follow some natural systems for completing the works. So if you have that much knowledge of car than join in a car workshop, and you will get happiness.
Another one way you can give a tour for finding yourself in a jungle or in a unknown town. Tour will recognize yourself. Because you will visit other place where nobody knows you. You can do what ever you like and find your strenth and weakness, than take decision. Ruposhi Bangla Tours can help you to be happy with joys.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Why is travelling so important in life?

Written by: 
Aditya Gupta
Aditya Gupta, Philosopher, Anthropologist often wonder about questions related to existence and ask myself about the meaning of life and if there is a singular meaning that can apply to all of us. I have come to this conclusion that for me life is about having as many different set of experiences this life allows me to have. I think everyone should travel as much as they can for the following reasons:

1) Have New Experiences: Travelling is the best way of having new experiences. Imagine climbing  a mountain or going for a walk on the beach, or going to a museum or going to a national park. Imagine the infinite possibilities travelling opens up for you.

2) Time To Think About Big Questions of Your Life: In our daily life we don't really have time to think about things that matter and travelling gives you time to think about, to reflect, to wonder about the big questions of your life and the big questions of the universe.

3) Gain New Perspective: Travelling is the best way of gaining new perspective, new points of view about leading your life. You meet so many people along your journey and they all influence you in some way. You just forget about you and your petty problem for a small amount of time and understand there a lot of people who are struggling for bare necessities in life.

4) Learn About Different Cultures: Travelling is one of the best ways to enlighten yourself about different cultures. You get to learn about a new place. It's culture, it's traditions, it's history. You might even encounter a new language. You get to learn about the different kinds of arts and crafts associated with that place. You get to learn about the food and fashion habits of the people living in that place.

5) Great Academic And Scholastic Values: Travelling also has great academic and scholastic values. Imagine going to places of great historical value. It is great for stoking curiousity of a young child. Imagine going to the seven wonders of the world or visiting historical cities like Paris, Rome and Venice. You can learn so much from your trips there.

6) Discovering Your True Personality: Travelling can be great for self discovery, facing your fears and realizing your hidden potential. It can also help in revaluation of our priorities in life. In life we are either worried about our past or anxious about our future. We are never in the present. It helps you in appreciating the present moment for what it is. Travelling is the best way of breaking your routine.

7) Appreciate The Glory of Nature: It also helps us in appreciating nature in all it's glory. The chirping sounds of the birds, the songs of the rivers, the howling of animals we might just miss it all if it was not for travel. You learn to appreciate aesthetic beauty because of travelling. While travelling you will come across several sights that will just blow your mind.

8) Deepening The Bond With Our Family: It helps in deepening our bond, our connection with our family members, our friends. We all have our favourite holidays and trips that we will never forget. It helps in creating wonderful memories together .With modern technology you can relive your holidays as many times as you want. There are so many love stories that happen during travelling. Who knows you might just find a suitable match, your soulmate, the person you are meant to be with while travelling.

9) Expanding Our Awareness: Travelling helps you in expanding your awareness and introduces you to a great diversity of people. Travel helps you in generating empathy and compassion for everyone. It helps in removing all the biases, prejudices that we all develop in our daily life. In life we tend to bracket people according to their race, nationality etc but travelling helps in removing all the stereotypes. It makes you a better and more complete human being.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Latest Tour at 12 Feb 16

Mr Faisal with his wife and parents are contacted to visit Sundarban with cruise vessel. They are from Natore, now staying in Dhaka. Mr Faisal known to me from his friend. Than he contact with me for subndarban visit along with Bagerhat and gopalgonj visit. He reached at Khulan on the 10th Feb 16. I have managed all the hotel and tour plan. Finally he visited Sundarban with cruise vessel. He and his family is satisfied with our cooperation.  

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest in the world. Sundarban is situated in southern area of Bangladesh. You can see many types of wild animal and many rare trees, also  you can visit with luxurious cruise vessel with Ruposhi Bangla Tours

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The sixty dome Mosque in Bagerhat. You can visit by Ruposhi Bangla Tours . You can also visit sundarban tour with luxurious cruise vessel.